For XII appeared or passed students

What are the Course Benefits ?


At Lakshya, we do not have the tradition of paid faculty like other institutes, here students get training under the guidance of directors (IITian Faculty)

Limited Admission means Personal Attention

We restrict ourself with limited admission ensuring that every student should get Full attention. This is the reason that the percentage selection in our institute is much higher than the other the other institutes.

Scheduled test Series, Test Analysis Sessions Rank and Results

Preparing well for a competitive examination is one thing but transforming knowledge into success during examination is another, Many students fail to achieve success because they are very much unfamiliar with the taking skills or having poor examination temperament. To overcome this problem, we conduct scheduled periodic test series based on latest pattern of respective examination with similar test atmosphere. Regular test series increased speed, accuracy, tune student to actual examination conditions and develops competitive spirit in order to enabling each students to meet success.

Daily Practice Problem Sheet

To monitor day by day progress of the student, Lakshya has devised a unique concept called “Daily Practice problem Sheet”. Under this plan, Student is given 8-10 questions in every class. These problem put emphasis on application of fundamentals and concepts. As these questions clarify even the slightest of doubts, thus student become conceptually very sound. DPPS ignites student thinking process and improves temperament to face new and challenging problems with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Study Material

A. A sheet is typically a topic wise collection of problems in each subject i.e P,C & M. It is provided to the students as printed Study Material (topic wise) .
B. The objective of the Sheet is to achieve perfection in a topic while it is being taught through rigorous practice of variety of Problem of various levels.
C. After each Theory Class; the student is assigned to attempt some problem from the sheet
(keeping in mind around 15 Questions Per Lecture Per Subject) as Home Work. Further, these problems are discussed in the successive theory class for better understanding of the concepts/fundamentals of the portion of topic taught in the previous class.
D. The selection of problems is very specific in nature, covering each and every aspect of the theory and fundamentals /concept of the topic.

Doubt Session

For each and Every topic, we conduct Doubt removal classes regularly after completion of theory of that topic.
Our faculty members clarify doubts of students to the root level in order to ensure complete preparation in all

Personal Counselling

Subject knowledge is just not enough for success in IIT JEE. In fact speed, accuracy, confidence, strategy adopted to attempt the question etc. also play a viral role. Considering these facts, we conduct individual and group counseling for our students. These counseling  session are usually organized with the sole objective to prepare our students completely so that they can face the challenges of IIT-JEE with enough confidence and competence.


Parents used to get worried with the fact that while preparation in other city their child’s focus will be lost in crowded atmosphere and city glare. The schedule for the students at Lakshya has been made so logically, that mobile, Social networking and other factors get automatically eliminated and students give their 100% on studies.
Students come to Lakshya from all the nook and cornevs of Mathura district but their parents have full confidence and no worries about their studies, because they know that their child is studying systematically for 12 hours daily in stress free environment at Lakshya. The schedule starts from morning 8 and conclude at 8 at night under the close observation of cameras and Teachers where student stay with in institute and study. Class room study from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. 6 hours are for self study and regular test and analysis.

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