About Us

Only he who can see the unforeseen

can do the impossible

At lakshya, we prepare you for the unforeseen, as we know that it hurts when it pops up. The impossible could only be achieved through focus – (decisions determine success) decide what you want and make it your goal. It’s well said that chance favours the prepared mind, so be better prepared and let not the chance slip by. We strive hard, to cultivate within you a strong analytical mind, passionate enough not only for the short goals of life but ready for the process of lifelong learning and face the first obstacle with extraordinary skills, passion, courage and values. We provide you the solid foundation to launch you on the course of your exciting future, which begins with your first success at IIT (Mains + Advanced) / NEET.

Our Vision | Quality

“To maintain and be acknowledged as leader in Education through consistent improvement in quality.”

Our Mission | Excellence

To serve human race by creang compeve individuals who would form a part of excellent human resource of our naon. We aim to lead the area of academics and set the standards in IIT (Mains + Advanced) and NEET preparaon through:

Our Values | Commitment

The administraon, faculty and staff of the Lakshya Educaon share a set of core beliefs and commitments.

We believe in

We commit ourselves to


Plan today | Achieve Tomorrow

Dear student,
Welcome to LAKSHYA, Good that you have resolve to take IIT (Mains + Advanced) / NEET and you have put faith in us. With our guidance and your relentless efforts against heavy odds will lead to your success in IIT (Mains + Advanced) / NEET Essenally one needs strong internal movaon to succeed in IIT (Mains + Advanced) / NEET No one can force you to prepare for IIT(Mains + Advanced) / NEET. Your passion for excellence, ability to learn and expert’s guidance can certainly determine your success in IIT (Mains + Advanced) / NEET Lakshya Educaon was established with the aim of providing quality educaon at par with naonal standards. It persistently seeks and absorbs innovave methods to improve the quality of educaon on a consistent basis.

Training just for compeve examinaon is not enough. That is why we blend life skills in the regular curriculum to make it more comprehensive and holisc so that student of lakshya Educaon are not just prepared for compeve examinaons but can face the challenges in their life ahead. At lakshya Educaon, the Systemac and Scienfic Training Methodology result to a sound academic base to students. Simultaneously it also inculcates posive atude, self-belief and high level of confidence required to crack IIT (Mains + Advanced) / NEET.
Planning and promong your success

(B.Tech. IIT-BHU) Mechanical Engg. Year Of Passing : 2005


Be Prepared | Beer Prepared

Dear students,
Congratulaons for taking the decision of joining the race to join IIT/ AIIMS, the most coveted and privileged engineering instute of our country. But this is only the first step in the right direcon. The key to success in IIT (Mains + Advanced) / NEET is determinaon, self belief, preservaon, managing me and stress right from beginning to the
final examinaon.

We are always ready to counsel and help you at any me. In our system, faculty members, staff and directors are accessible for the good of everyone. Our scienfic approach is reflected in our coaching programme which develops your knowledge and problem solving acumen. Our team consists of experienced teachers in field of IIT
(Mains + Advanced) / NEET coaching. Each of them, having themselves faced the problems that a young mind oen faces duringpreparaon of JEE / NEET, can beer understand your conc erns and can effecvely guide you.
Our connued success in helping more and more students to achieve their cherished goals of geng admission in to the IIT / AIIMS spurred us to look beyond coaching and provide a “Completely Planned Training Program” so that all the students are able to perform to their true potenal.

Lakshya Educaon is synonymous with quality educaon. In an increasingly compeve environment, our programs are constantly updated to ensure that they fulfill the needs of aspiring students. We have always designed programs that inspire our students to excel, and leave our competors far behind. The academic programs at Lakshya Educaon are aimed at building a strong foundaon of the students in a focused, enriching and supporve environment.

Now, upon joining LAKSHYA, you have become a part of most compeve candidates who undergo the right kind of training that is necessary to get into one of the IITs / AIIMS (and other reputed medical and engineering instuons)

Pushpendra K. Sharma

(B. Tech IIT-BHU) Mining Engg. Year of Passing : 2004

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